This is a Dad Joke Fanpage!!

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You know what rhymes with dad jokes?

Okay, sure. Fine. Bad jokes.

maybe even sad jokes.

BUT can we all just admit already, they are glad jokes.

Now, when does a Dad joke come a Dad joke? When it becomes apparent! However, contrary to popular belief, such humor is far from limited to fathers. If that's the case, then I must be a Dad (yikes!).

I bet even your own friend group has that one pure soul who is always cracking what you might consider the "lamest" of jokes. Yet, little do people realize the creative genius that actually goes into the craft of dad jokery.

The successful deliverance of a Dad joke requires a delicate balance of these rare qualities in the human species:

  1. Strong Wit
  2. Impeccable Comedic Timing
  3. Natural Charisma

Case in point:

Clever, right?

I bet you're laughing now

Ahaha hahahaha

Cut out that tough guy act now. If you can get through THESE without even cracking a grin, I'm convinced you're a robot.

That's it.